The Dispatcher Wins Big

We are very humbled and excited to announce that The Dispatcher won the Richard and Grace Brigham Award from the Society of Automotive Historians. The award was presented to Bill at their annual awards banquet at Fall Hershey on October 6, 2017. The award is given for 'outstanding treatment of historical topics in an automotive periodical during 2016.'

We are very grateful to the society to present us with such a prestigious award.

Reader Ron Patton was kind enough to send us an article about his experience with the Velocity television show Fantom Works. We printed it in the Fall 2017 issue. We were shocked to have the show contact us to request copies for Dan and the crew that worked on Ron's rare FJ-3. Look for a copy of the article to be posted on the wall in Dan's office starting next season.



Subscription Pricing Change

Since we began publishing The Dispatcher in 2015, we have nearly doubled the page count from 20 to 36, yet have not ever increased subscription rates. The cost for printing, paper, and postage have dramatically increased and these costs can no longer be absorbed. Thus, we have had to adjust our subscription rates accordingly. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may bring.

Bill and Kevin

A Story from The Dispatcher magazine

A Story from The Dispatcher magazine

The Dispatcher is a quarterly magazine published by The Norris-Banonis Publishing Group LLC. We are an American publisher with a passion for the preservation of vintage vehicles and their rich colorful heritage. The Dispatcher covers an era beginning in 1904 (Willys-Overland) up through the late 1980s–and ventures beyond that when opportunities present themselves.

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